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Exploring and discussing a variety of relationship topics and issues for people in all kinds of relationships; including partnerships, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, roommates and more.

May 26, 2020

When your partner asks you about what you’re feeling, what’s your typical response? Do you attempt to change the subject or joke around? Freeze for a while? Or maybe start blaming your partner? Everyone can find it challenging to open up their inner world of emotions - but a lot of men find it particularly difficult to do. It’s understandable why the topic of emotions and feelings can be puzzling for men. Yet, emotional honesty is a crucial aspect of cultivating intimacy, connection, and trust in a relationship; it’s an essential tool that everybody needs to develop to become relational heroes.


In today’s episode, I discuss the difficulty men experience when they share their emotional world in their relationships. I reveal the significance of emotional honesty in cultivating connection and intimacy in relationships. I explain why men avoid the topic of emotions and opening up to their partners and explain how a person should respond when someone shares their feelings, despite the difficulty of expressing them. I also highlight the importance of cultivating emotional truth within our friendships and share a story about a friend who honestly shared their feelings and emotions.


“This path of emotional honesty is the way of the relational hero.” - Pripo Teplitsky


This week on Relationships! Let’s Talk About It: 

  • What it means to be emotionally honest
  • How and why men avoid expressing their feelings and emotions
  • The relational dread and fear that men feel when they’re asked to open up their feelings
  • The vulnerability that comes with being emotionally truthful and how shame prevents us from sharing our emotions with our partners
  • Responding and validating our partners when they attempt to share their feelings despite their difficulty in expressing emotions
  • How our childhood upbringing influences how we express, contain, or avoid our emotions
  • Speaking our emotional truth without anger, blame, or judgment
  • The difference between emotional honesty, behavioral honesty, and outbursts of anger
  • Developing your distress tolerance to cultivate emotional honesty
  • The impact of emotional honesty on intimacy
  • The importance of practicing emotional honesty within friendships


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