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Exploring and discussing a variety of relationship topics and issues for people in all kinds of relationships; including partnerships, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, roommates and more.

Dec 11, 2018

Moe Bruce is passionate about investing in deep and meaningful connections and intimacy, engaging with others, building relationships, and being present in the moment. For 20 years, she has been a coach and consultant for CEOs and global leaders in large and small international organizations and has built profound connections with strangers throughout America and Europe. She’s always had a deep curiosity about how people live their lives as well as what she can learn from them.

Moe joins me today to discuss how to take risks with strangers by going beyond the regular chitchat our society is so used to. We discuss the inspiring experiments she conducted throughout New York and Europe while building connections with strangers as well as how the workplace is hungry for vulnerability, transparency, and truth.  We discuss an observation she had about me and how my answer revealed something enlightening and personal as we experience the magic that comes from being open and present in the moment.


“If you want a connection, you can have it. If you’re willing to be vulnerable and revealing and curious, you can make it your world. You don’t have to suffer chitchat.” - Moe Bruce


This week on Relationships! Let’s Talk About It:


  • What Moe does while in contact with strangers.
  • How her 3-phrase experiment in New York impacted her.
  • The impact that her “Being Loved” experiment in Berlin had on her and the people around her.
  • Why she doesn’t allow ‘chit chat’ in her conversations and connections with strangers.
  • How she leads conversations with strangers to make them feel comfortable, connected, and open.
  • How being open and willing to share things about yourself in conversations helps you build deep connections with others.
  • What the Modality of Circling is.
  • How to make the conversation “your world” as well.
  • When it’s okay not to put limits on what to reveal and how to make distinctions about things to share.
  • The effect of being vulnerable and having closer connections in the workplace.
  • What the courage to be vulnerable requires.
  • Strategies she used to connect with strangers in Atlanta during an experiment.
  • The impact that being present can have on those around you.
  • How she makes a game out of connecting and communicating with others to relieve the pressure of “doing it right” or doing it a certain way.
  • How building meaningful connections with strangers helps builds hope for humanity.
  • How she discovered the Strategy of Circling.
  • The backstory of circling and how to do it.
  • How circling can help parents in their relationship with their children.
  • How she felt reborn after a circling session.
  • How her curiosity about my openness led us to the most transformational moment of my life


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