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Exploring and discussing a variety of relationship topics and issues for people in all kinds of relationships; including partnerships, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, roommates and more.

Nov 6, 2018

Angela Porter specializes in providing guidance to people with addictions, relational troubles, mental health problems, and codependency issues. Her impressive 25-year career as a professional therapist in California encompasses trauma and addiction treatment, self-care workshops and consultations for therapists as well as international BREEMA workshops for professionals in the medical and healthcare industries. After serving as a Program Director at the New Bridge Foundation’s substance treatment program in Berkeley, she is now a group facilitator at Bayside Marin’s substance abuse treatment program in San Rafael and maintains an active private practice in both San Rafael and Oakland.


Angela joins me on today’s episode to discuss the art of confrontation — why we shouldn’t fear it, how we should do it, and why it’s important to confront not just others, but ourselves. She shares her experiences in working with people suffering from addiction, mental health issues, and emotional problems, as well as one life-changing moment that imparted upon her a lifelong lesson. In addition, she and I take the time to talk about our own friendship, and how our commitment and desire to connect by embracing the truth in ourselves has allowed us to help each other grow as individuals and as professionals.


“You don’t feel safe because of inner conditions — because you’ve stopped listening to your own truth, and you’re looking for it outside of yourself.”  - Angela Porter


This week on Relationships! Let’s Talk About It:


  • The various ways to confront people, including yourself, in a manner that’s kind yet clear.
  • My friendship with Angela, and how confrontation plays a positive role in it.
  • The underlying desire for connection and transcendence in every relationship — and how that need is only fulfilled by the presence of truth.
  • The extensive work that Angela has done in dealing with people and helping them stand up with truth.
  • A powerful, truthful moment that we shared during a rather memorable workshop.
  • Expectations in a relationship, and how the need for confronting people’s truths plays into those.
  • Angela’s experiences with her partner with regard to confrontation.
  • My personal experience where I confronted someone with a powerful truth, resulting in a very positive outcome.
  • A unique and difficult experience involving a client that taught Angela a valuable lesson.
  • Confronting people with their positive attributes, instead of their negatives and what they lack.
  • The word “confrontation” itself, its power, and its impact.
  • Understanding that whatever you’re doing right now is NOT who you are.
  • What an apology really means, in the context of self-confrontation.
  • How Angela walks people through the sense of discomfort that comes with confrontation.
  • How the truth is actually a holistic experience.
  • The self-loathing and fundamental brokenness at the heart of every human being.
  • How we can’t really “teach” each other anything — and what we CAN do for each other, instead.


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