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Apr 23, 2019

Connie Burns has been a counselor for three decades, specializing in therapies focusing on trauma and the body. Residing in the Blue Ridge Mountains, she is extremely passionate about issues on racism and environment conservation. A combination of the current ideological disconnect in Western society and the ever-looming threat of climate change spurred her into action, as she now takes a more active role in leading discussions on shattering existing racist norms in American society.


Connie joins me today to discuss the inherent racism in Western culture, particularly in terms of white supremacy. We share our individual experiences with racism growing up and share our personal perspectives. We discuss how we process our thoughts and emotions revolving around racism, as well as the need for openness in order to successfully break down the socially erected barriers of skin color. We also discuss the importance of taking a stand in the face of racist practices and cultural inequality.


“It makes a difference when there are more people speaking up and saying, ‘Yeah, this isn’t right.’” - Connie Burns


This week on Relationships! Let’s Talk About It:


  • How Connie realized the need to become more politically involved around the time of the 2016 elections.
  • How her activism is rooted in her affiliation with Indivisible and how the progressive platform encouraged her to form a small activist group of her own.
  • The reality behind racism and why now, more than ever, the white race should start opening up about racial issues.
  • The impact of racism on medical research and how white men being the “prototype” is actually a destructive pattern.
  • The inherent problem in resorting to sniping at one another instead of trying to understand the other’s position when it comes to discussions on ‘woke ideologies.’
  • How Connie used her grief about the world’s various issues to stay open and take an active role in resolving said issues.
  • How — and more importantly, why — white people must work on their resiliency towards being called out, opting to be curious instead of getting defensive when the other party gets offended.
  • How Connie’s experiences while growing up in an integrated neighborhood in Indianapolis and being bullied helped shape her understanding of racism.
  • How my experience with “reverse discrimination” and being able to travel around the world has made me more comfortable with other races and aware of the inherent racism in all of us.
  • The reality that race doesn’t actually exist beyond being a social construct, and how it was only created to maintain the status quo.
  • A secondhand account on how white people can and should stand up for the discriminated when racism happens right in front of them — and how that inspired me to do the same thing years later.


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