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Exploring and discussing a variety of relationship topics and issues for people in all kinds of relationships; including partnerships, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, roommates and more.

Oct 15, 2019

My wife, Yvonne Rainbow Teplitsky, is the founder of Artsy Goddess Studio, where she actively carries out her role in helping others and the planet heal. Yvonne is passionate about art, as seen in the upcycled clothing she creates from second-hand materials, as well as the visual arts she creates, such as murals, paintings, and tapestries. Yvonne also helps women transform through voice empowering workshops and helps couples through workshops and retreats that she co-facilitates with me.


Today, Yvonne and I discuss the significant role that courage plays in having meaningful and authentic relationships even when threatened to face ridicule and rejection from others. We discuss the gravity of being true to ourselves and how to respond when others don’t accept your apology. We also share how we had the courage to humble ourselves and take emotional risks when we honestly ask for what we want.



“We’ve got to dare to live our lives and get the most out of the time we are here.” - Yvonne Rainbow Teplitsky




This week on Relationships! Let’s Talk About It:


  • The origin of the word “courage” and how it reflects the meaning of the word we know today.
  • Having the courage to have difficult conversations or set boundaries with your partner in a kind way.
  • The mistake Yvonne made in an ice cream parlor we visited and how Yvonne’s courage to apologize for her mistake made a difference in me, in her, and those around us.
  • A story of a former neighbor who has wronged me and my wife and how he had the courage to apologize for his behavior.
  • The steps Yvonne took to go the extra mile as she made amends with her mother.
  • Why sometimes the process of owning up and making amends can take months before it is considered resolved.
  • Why it’s brave to seek the truth about your feelings and the reality of your relationships.
  • How to have the courage to have productive and healthy conversations about sex.
  • What heartsharesare and how it encourages you to speak the truth in your relationships.




Connect with Yvonne Rainbow Teplitsky:




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