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Exploring and discussing a variety of relationship topics and issues for people in all kinds of relationships; including partnerships, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, roommates and more.

Mar 10, 2020

Families are complicated. As much as we want to always be there and support our loved ones, sometimes our relationships could be toxic. It’s difficult to draw a boundary between you and a relative, but how do you know it’s time to cut off ties with a family member? Or how do you know when to maintain the relationship? My wife, Yvonne Rainbow Teplitsky, the founder & owner of Artsy Goddess Studio, has her own experiences of challenging family relationships where issues and misunderstandings have stacked on one another.

In this episode, Rainbow and I answer a listener’s question about drawing boundaries with an important family member and explain why it’s important to not force conflict resolution and instead opt for cultivating space. We share our experiences and vulnerabilities with family issues and cutting-off friends and relatives. We describe how toxic behavior in the family affected us as children. We reveal the common characteristics that define toxic behavior such as manipulation and lying, as well as illustrate how guilt can prevent us from letting go of toxic people. We also discuss the importance of looking inwards when considering challenging relationships and cutting ties with family.


“Cutting ties with family members is one of the hardest decisions that we may ever face in life.” - Pripo Teplitsky


This week on Relationships! Let’s Talk About It:

  • The difference between toxic relationships and family dramas
  • Rainbow’s experiences growing up with family issues
  • The effect of family conflict on children
  • The inevitability of conflict and the best time to learn about conflict resolution skills
  • Why it can be challenging to cut ties with family members
  • The power of creating connections with an estranged family member
  • What makes a relationship one-sided
  • My experience with a toxic family member
  • Why you should consider creating space instead of severing relationships
  • How we are met with resistance when we force conflict resolution
  • Manipulation, deceit, victim-playing, and other aspects of toxic behavior
  • Why toxic people attach to loving and kind ones
  • How guilt prevents us from cutting ties with family members
  • How family loyalty can create toxic relationships
  • Why friendships can be difficult to end


Listener Questions - Let’s Talk About It:

  • At what point do you let go of relationships that may no longer feel fulfilling, even if it means hurting other family members?


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